October 17, 2008

Heh. Hello. [= I dont really expect anyone to read this so many its just a little let out type thing. I dont know if people use this for that kinda thing but Im hoping so or I’ll just come off looking like an idiot.. Yay! So anyway, My reasoning for being on here is a bit lame.. I read about someone who was posting on here in a book.. Well it was all her posts in a book. (Was rather good). And then I spent ages looking up “ULife” on google, When I didnt even know weither that was the name or not, As I had already taken the book back. So I clicked on this thing anyway, And here I am! Blog blog blog. Fun fun fun. Like I said, I really doubt anyone will read this because its so lame. I dont if I really have much else to say.. I live in erm, New Zealand. Im not very cool but I.. can try? 😀


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