October 17, 2008

Hello young peoples out there of teh internets, Well, and old people, I suppose. Welcome to my second blog that nobody reads. [= Your probably wondering why the title is “wtf” well, It is because I am very dumb and cant seem to figure out how to do my whole image cropping thing. It wouldnt work and I got very mad with it. D: Like, I sat there for 20 minutes attempting to do it. Someone help? Nobody will be reading this so maybe I should just keep trying. Hmm, Anyway. Just got a delightful call from my grandmother and was lucky enough to speak to my 7year old cousin for like, 15 minutes. We discussed what we were doing, the toothfairy and cleaning rooms. What a fun conversation that was. Will be going down to the library soon.. Wow, What an extremely interesting life I lead.

Updated: Aha! I cropped my avatar thingie! Woo! I win!!!


One Response to “Wtf.”

  1. gindzia Says:

    Seems like I’m a lucky person, because posting on a bunch of sites that don’t have resizing option for avatars, I’ve long ago cropped my avatar and have it in universal size on my disk;) Anyway, congratulations on managing to crop your avatar xD

    And thanks for the nice comment.

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