October 19, 2008

Okay, Humans SUCK. I have come to discover this over my obession with the Twilight Saga. Yes, The bunch of books about vampires by Meyer. Well, I liked them before all of these posers came in and started reading them just so they can be all “Oh I’ve read the books” for the bloody movie. (The movie, the be way, it fully wrong but I still cant wait) Anyway, I’ve just started reading the 3rd one yesterday and I cant think about anything else but vampires. I’ve nearly finished it and cant wait to start reading the 4th. But, the thing is, Im getting really pissed off with being a human. I mean, It would be so much COOLER to be a vampire, Okay? Look at the facts:


  • Never Sleep.
  • Dont Have A Heart Beat.
  • Dont Eat Human Food.
  • Have A Special Skill (Eg; Can hear thoughts, forsee the future..)
  • Can Run Really Fast.
  • Live Forever.
  • Are Amazingly Beautiful.

See? Compared to that humans are so boring. I mean, sure, Vampires have thirst and have to resist eating people but some just eat animals and live normally in human life. -sigh. I know Im probably a geek but I cant stop thinking about this. I wish so badly I were a vampire, It might make life a little more entertaining. I am offically on the hunt for a vampire. And yes, I know I sound crazy. Heh, Just wait until I post a blog about anime. LOL. But seriously, I feel so normal, despite the fact that Im extremely weird, I feel so normal.. Like just a human. Which is all I am, apparently. I think Im going to have to change this because becoming a vampire has taken over my mind and become my new obession. Oh and yes, I probably am just.. utterly mad. [=


2 Responses to “Humans.”

  1. arkapain Says:

    Since I didn’t know how to reply to you properly, I thought I might try looking at your blog. I myself am also working out the lifestyle of blogging, and am trying to see how it goes. I’ve read all the Twilight books, since many friends and Mugglecast reccomended it. At first I kind of liked it, but later I thought they were rather poorly constructed (plotwise), slightly amateurly written (though Stephenie Meyer’s style is quite itneresting); apart from the naggy PoV. I appreciate the books’ emotional appeal, their cultural fandom, and even reading them as stories (not critical), but still I much prefer HP.

    As for your observation on humans, I find that humans are rather fascinating: in our thinking, our opinions, our interaction, our “power” in the world. Of course they want more, but one might like to appreciate humans’ very existence. And I can tell you’re probably joking around about the becoming-a-vampire thing, but I think it is one of Meyer’s flaws in her writing. She makes it out such that humans hold nothing compared to superior beings, and that if one perfects or changes his- or herself enough, they will be happy. In reality, people need to be themselves to achieve happiness.

    =) I too often tend to write too much, but I didn’t mean to take away from your opinions of Twilight. They are still fairly good books; and they have their own growing fandom, which is awesome for a book.

  2. gindzia Says:

    Hmm, I haven’t read Twilight Series, I admit, but I’m not planning on reading it anytime in the future… Have to many other things to do. Besides, I’ve read a fragment and it was… creepy, seriously. Well, those may be some reasons why it would be better to be a vampire, but really, having a heart beat is nice. You can listen to it in the night, before falling asleep and it’s just awesome to listen to someone else’s heartbeat, really. And living forever? Wouldn’t fit my lifestyle^^

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