I Hate Mondays.

October 20, 2008

Have put off replying to my 3 wonderful comments. Sorry. I know Im actually lucky to have anyone actually read this and comment me or whatever but I’ve had the shittest day ever due to my own dumbness. See, It all started with science.. Before that my day was going great, I was a little emotionally unstable and mentally hyper, but other than that I was fine. Then I got my science test back.. See, Usually I dont care about science but I actually got the tests and thought I had done rather well. Then I got my test and saw I had gotten an achived.. AN ACHIVED. (At my school it goes: Non achived = Not passed. Achived = Passed. Merit = Passed with merit. Excellence = Passed with excellence). In this certain test they marked different parts for each unit. So I got 5 achiveds, 4 merits and one excellent. And yet I got ACHIVED. My friend got 5 achived and 5 merits.. Because I only got 4 merits, I was put in achived. EVEN THOUGH I GOT AN EXCELLENCE. I was so pissed off and I feel like an idiot. Then I was just in a bad mood all day, couldnt find any bloodly wool for my mom for her birthday and then when I got home two people I care for very much were being complete assholes to me and stopped talking to me after making me feel horrible and thats when I lost it. Bawling my eyes out and throwing a complete emofit. Screaming at my friend via IM about how fat, ugly and dumb I am and how I should go off and die. I wish I were being melodramatic, but its exactly how I feel.. God I Hate Mondays.


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