October 24, 2008

Tralala. I am in a much better mmod today. Even though Im freaking out a little.. >.< Anyway! I havent posted on here in awhile, which has me feeling rather bad. I should be good and blog everyday but 1) Nobody reads these things and 2) My life is so very boring that I have nothing to write about. Erm erm erm.. I apparently am a bad influence on my best friend. Her mother has banned her from seeing me. This is rather sad, as its the second time this type of thing has happened. Woops. >.< Ohwell, Her dad will let me see her. xD. Anyway moving on. I really dont know what to blog about. This blog is utterly DUMB. MehBlahRawr. I finished Breaking Dawn yesterday, The 4th book in the Twilight saga. Woohoo! T’was fantasticishness. (Yes, I am making up words now) Well. Anyway. Erm.

Lets all be mature about this and eat rasberry jelly with strawberry ice cream. Yes? Yes, I think so.


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