October 24, 2008

Tralala. I am in a much better mmod today. Even though Im freaking out a little.. >.< Anyway! I havent posted on here in awhile, which has me feeling rather bad. I should be good and blog everyday but 1) Nobody reads these things and 2) My life is so very boring that I have nothing to write about. Erm erm erm.. I apparently am a bad influence on my best friend. Her mother has banned her from seeing me. This is rather sad, as its the second time this type of thing has happened. Woops. >.< Ohwell, Her dad will let me see her. xD. Anyway moving on. I really dont know what to blog about. This blog is utterly DUMB. MehBlahRawr. I finished Breaking Dawn yesterday, The 4th book in the Twilight saga. Woohoo! T’was fantasticishness. (Yes, I am making up words now) Well. Anyway. Erm.

Lets all be mature about this and eat rasberry jelly with strawberry ice cream. Yes? Yes, I think so.


I Hate Mondays.

October 20, 2008

Have put off replying to my 3 wonderful comments. Sorry. I know Im actually lucky to have anyone actually read this and comment me or whatever but I’ve had the shittest day ever due to my own dumbness. See, It all started with science.. Before that my day was going great, I was a little emotionally unstable and mentally hyper, but other than that I was fine. Then I got my science test back.. See, Usually I dont care about science but I actually got the tests and thought I had done rather well. Then I got my test and saw I had gotten an achived.. AN ACHIVED. (At my school it goes: Non achived = Not passed. Achived = Passed. Merit = Passed with merit. Excellence = Passed with excellence). In this certain test they marked different parts for each unit. So I got 5 achiveds, 4 merits and one excellent. And yet I got ACHIVED. My friend got 5 achived and 5 merits.. Because I only got 4 merits, I was put in achived. EVEN THOUGH I GOT AN EXCELLENCE. I was so pissed off and I feel like an idiot. Then I was just in a bad mood all day, couldnt find any bloodly wool for my mom for her birthday and then when I got home two people I care for very much were being complete assholes to me and stopped talking to me after making me feel horrible and thats when I lost it. Bawling my eyes out and throwing a complete emofit. Screaming at my friend via IM about how fat, ugly and dumb I am and how I should go off and die. I wish I were being melodramatic, but its exactly how I feel.. God I Hate Mondays.

Stupid Cropping THING.

October 19, 2008

Okay. I’ve gone and done it AGAIN. I attempted to crop an image of myself on this website and it did the same thing it did the first time I tried. The program must not like my face very much!!!!!! Im getting rather annoyed with it. -headdesks- The shaded space with the little white box you can move to fit your picture was limited and didnt cover ANY of the picture. Right, I am such a noob at this. Im going to go and READ my book, think about vampires and wait until Super Bad starts. Either that or look up anime. >.<


October 19, 2008

Okay, Humans SUCK. I have come to discover this over my obession with the Twilight Saga. Yes, The bunch of books about vampires by Meyer. Well, I liked them before all of these posers came in and started reading them just so they can be all “Oh I’ve read the books” for the bloody movie. (The movie, the be way, it fully wrong but I still cant wait) Anyway, I’ve just started reading the 3rd one yesterday and I cant think about anything else but vampires. I’ve nearly finished it and cant wait to start reading the 4th. But, the thing is, Im getting really pissed off with being a human. I mean, It would be so much COOLER to be a vampire, Okay? Look at the facts:


  • Never Sleep.
  • Dont Have A Heart Beat.
  • Dont Eat Human Food.
  • Have A Special Skill (Eg; Can hear thoughts, forsee the future..)
  • Can Run Really Fast.
  • Live Forever.
  • Are Amazingly Beautiful.

See? Compared to that humans are so boring. I mean, sure, Vampires have thirst and have to resist eating people but some just eat animals and live normally in human life. -sigh. I know Im probably a geek but I cant stop thinking about this. I wish so badly I were a vampire, It might make life a little more entertaining. I am offically on the hunt for a vampire. And yes, I know I sound crazy. Heh, Just wait until I post a blog about anime. LOL. But seriously, I feel so normal, despite the fact that Im extremely weird, I feel so normal.. Like just a human. Which is all I am, apparently. I think Im going to have to change this because becoming a vampire has taken over my mind and become my new obession. Oh and yes, I probably am just.. utterly mad. [=


October 17, 2008

Hello young peoples out there of teh internets, Well, and old people, I suppose. Welcome to my second blog that nobody reads. [= Your probably wondering why the title is “wtf” well, It is because I am very dumb and cant seem to figure out how to do my whole image cropping thing. It wouldnt work and I got very mad with it. D: Like, I sat there for 20 minutes attempting to do it. Someone help? Nobody will be reading this so maybe I should just keep trying. Hmm, Anyway. Just got a delightful call from my grandmother and was lucky enough to speak to my 7year old cousin for like, 15 minutes. We discussed what we were doing, the toothfairy and cleaning rooms. What a fun conversation that was. Will be going down to the library soon.. Wow, What an extremely interesting life I lead.

Updated: Aha! I cropped my avatar thingie! Woo! I win!!!


October 17, 2008

Heh. Hello. [= I dont really expect anyone to read this so many its just a little let out type thing. I dont know if people use this for that kinda thing but Im hoping so or I’ll just come off looking like an idiot.. Yay! So anyway, My reasoning for being on here is a bit lame.. I read about someone who was posting on here in a book.. Well it was all her posts in a book. (Was rather good). And then I spent ages looking up “ULife” on google, When I didnt even know weither that was the name or not, As I had already taken the book back. So I clicked on this thing anyway, And here I am! Blog blog blog. Fun fun fun. Like I said, I really doubt anyone will read this because its so lame. I dont if I really have much else to say.. I live in erm, New Zealand. Im not very cool but I.. can try? 😀